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Qui gagnera Roland Garros en 2024 ? La résurrection de Stefanos Tsitsipas

The Italian joins the very exclusive club of players who have won in Melbourne and Miami in the same year. By his side? Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Andre Agassi. The flawless tennis played by Jannik Sinner since the beginning of the season can only place him among the greatest.

The ascent of the Australian Open champion did not surprise the tennis world. Present at the top of the rankings for several years now, his explosion was only a matter of time. However, few had predicted that it would be so dominant. How to explain such resounding success?

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Less than a year ago, Jannik Sinner lost in the second round of the French Open (7/6 6/7 6/1 6/7 5/7) against Daniel Altmaier. Despite two match points, victory slipped through his fingers. Nervous on the most important points, the Italian failed to tame his nerves. A few months later, this outcome is hard to believe. In less than a year, Jannik Sinner has transformed himself.


Few kinds of tennis are as demanding as the one played by the new world number two. It requires anticipation, precision, and commitment at all times. The articulation of his numerous qualities has taken a few years. Roger Federer could draw the same conclusion from his early days on the ATP tour. Implementing such tennis requires boldness – which Jannik Sinner finally dared to embrace a few months ago.

The success of the Davis Cup winner lies in his ability to take the ball early without compromising the rest of his game. His refusal to stand back and his desire to take away from his opponent complements his game rather than detracts from it. Despite their timing bordering on the half-volley, his attacks never lack sharpness or depth. Their goal is unique: the line or the passing shot. No matter the difficulty, nothing seems to frighten him anymore.

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The power he unleashes cannot leave anyone indifferent. Darren Cahill, as well as Serena Williams, continues to be amazed by the sound that comes from his protege’s racket. Its purity illustrates the beauty of the gesture that initiated it. As if all these strengths were not enough, Jannik Sinner is also agile at the net. Previously used as a last resort, his drop shots and rises at the net are now at the heart of his game. Reaching peaks of unpredictability is his wish.


The only thing more remarkable than his game is the attitude of the young Italian. As soon as he sets foot on the court, he exudes disconcerting serenity. A point from victory or a point from being broken, nothing seems to shake him. He is confident in his game. In his strengths. In his tennis.

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This clarity allows him to dedicate all his energy to reading the game. Rarely on the wrong side, always well-placed and systematically ready to rush to the net; fooling Jannik Sinner has become an almost impossible mission. Reading his opponent’s intentions before he even executes them gives him a formidable advantage. The other player knows that his move must be perfect to have a chance of winning.

Watch the most beautiful points from Jannik Sinner and Grigor Dimitrov in the Miami Final

Already crowned three times in 2024, nothing and no one seems to resist the champion of Miami. Clay may be the only opponent capable of making him falter. Without a benchmark victory on this particular surface, he will have to double down on confidence and patience. Taming clay is a daunting task.

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